Celebrities are often idolized for their achievements. As such, they’re often treated like they’re more than human, and it often surprises their fans when they do something wrong. 

Despite their attempts to save face for the camera, celebrities are only human, and many of them are terrible drivers. Some have caused accidents that resulted in lawsuits, while others have been caught drinking behind the wheel. No matter what you can say about their talents, you must admit that the following 11 celebrities are disasters behind the wheel:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 

Ronaldo is perhaps the most lauded celebrity around the world. He has the most followers on social media, and billions of viewers tune in to catch the games and highlights featuring this highly skilled player. 

But he’s not so talented in the car. Two days after purchasing a Ferrari 599 GTB, he totaled it in a Manchester tunnel on the way to practice. 

2. Michael Phelps 

Phelps, one of the most amazing swimmers in history, has gotten himself into trouble several times over the last few years. He was caught driving under the influence in 2004 at just 19-years-old. He got into a drunk-driving accident a few years later that resulted in his license being suspended. He’s kept his nose clean recently, but the public eye is watching him very carefully. 

3. Justin Bieber 

The once innocent YouTube star only enjoyed positive media for a couple of years before he made some major mistakes. Along with multiple charges for substance abuse and possession, Bieber has caused many car accidents both while intoxicated and otherwise. 

Bieber even hit another person with his car, a media member who was trying to get a story. He’s faced several lawsuits as a result of his indiscretions. 

4. Lil Twist

Lil Twist and Bieber seem to be partners in crime when it comes to substance abuse and driving. Lil Twist once crashed Bieber’s car next to a liquor store. Later, he was busted for driving drunk after leaving Bieber’s house—in the same car. 

5. LeAnn Rimes

While everyone has an occasional hiccup while driving, country music star LeAnn Rimes has had several. She was the cause of a fender bender in 2009, and rather than taking responsibility for her actions, she fled the scene

Then, a month later, she was in a car supposedly surrounded by paparazzi when she rear-ended another vehicle. She puts full blame on the cameramen for that one. 

6. Paris Hilton 

Hilton’s run-in with the law and bad driving got her a 3-week jail sentence. She was caught driving under the influence, which led to a series of serious charges. She’s also had other infractions like speeding or disobeying traffic signals.

7. Halle Berry 

Berry put her acting skills to work after an accident she caused. She hit another vehicle while driving in Los Angeles. Rather than confessing to the crime and taking responsibility, she drove away. Then, when traffic footage showed her fleeing the scene, law enforcement confronted her. She pretended not to remember any of it. 

Her lie didn’t fly, and she was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, a $13,500 fine, and three years of probation. Unfortunately, this wasn’t Berry’s last accident. There would be two others in the years following. 

8. Nicole Richie

You must admit, Richie has made some vast improvements in her lifestyle choices. But at one point, she was a reckless, dangerous maniac behind the wheel. In 2006, Nicole had a little too much to drink and got behind the wheel. She entered a busy California freeway going the WRONG WAY! 

That wasn’t her only traffic infraction, and California drivers are frankly relieved that she’s cleaned up her act.

9. Kelsey Grammar

A 1996 car crash sent Kelsey Grammar, the star of Frasier and Cheers, to rehab. He was drunk while driving his Dodge Viper way too fast along a California speedway. When he overcorrected, the car flipped. This accident has gone down in history as one of the roughest accidents for a celebrity. 

10. Lindsay Lohan  

Former Disney star Lindsay Lohan had her fair share of accidents, including several fender benders, one of which involved hitting an 18-wheeler with her Porsche. She also perpetrated a hit and run accident in 2011, and has several DUIss attached to her record. She’s been among the list of worst drivers in Hollywood since her first accident in 2005. 

11. Amanda Bynes 

Any bad driver list would be remiss without Amanda Bynes, another former child star with a long list of offenses. She’s sideswiped a police car, earned several DUIs, driven multiple times with a suspended license, driven while high, and fled from an accident that she caused. The former actress has stayed out of the news lately, so hopefully her days of causing accidents are over.